Thursday, July 2, 2009

Style Invasion Interview

Yes, I have been neglecting this blog again but with good reason!
I don't really want to talk about stuff before it happens but the point is I'm trying to work on music stuff with some big people! I'm excited and terrified. This next month is basically a test to see if I'm good to work with. I also got eleven free cd's of some of my favourite artists so I'm quite happy about that!

Anyways! Here's and interview I did with Style Invasion. I'm defiantly not used to interviews and I think I look a little retarded in the picture. I really need to stop caring! Its the experience that counts!

Yesterday I started trying to majorly clean through my room. I threw out 5 bags of garbage and I'm nowhere near done. This I should also mention is the house I hardly live at. Argh!!
My parents have been terrible and I'm stuck here until my grandparents get back from their trip. It's so frustrating, I tried so hard this last month to have a better relationship with them but nothing I do matters. They just always screw me over in the end.

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