Friday, July 31, 2009

Sales of the week

For you Juicy Coutour obessed people who want to spend money on pointless crap that is now half off, I present to you the terrible looking brush set in a cute holder. Really who needs a feather duster in their makeup bag?
On sale from $78.00 to 49.00 at Sephora

Then their is also this adoreable ring. I love it, but I'm not paying that much for a ring with lipgloss that barley shows up!On sale from $68.00 to 34.00. at Sephora
Urgh, I want it but my wallet doesn't!!

For you J-fashion freaks, Maurione - a store that sells popular lolita and Jfashion brands to Overseas customers has some sales on its overpriced stock.

My favourite pick is this Valentine's High Cardigan as it's actually a decent price.

Best part is the back is a smiley face

On sale from $98.29 to 22.09 Here

The one thing I really wanted though was this adoreable super lovers dress. I just don't have the money for it though.

On sale from $93.87 to 65.71 here

Lastly is this ADOREABLE ru jeans x crash hello kitty limited tee. I want it becuase it's hello kitty, makeup and j-fashion! Whats better?!

On sale from $41.02 to 24.61 here


alexayoung said...

psh. i don't know what you're talking about, keely. i ALWAYS need a feather duster. :P

Keely Valentine said...

wtf i totally am not getting comments to my emails XD