Friday, July 31, 2009

Nail art photos

So me and Marie decided to get our nails done at a scary/evil nail place the other day. I got acyrilics so I could play with them at home and Marie just got a manicure with a pretty color from China Polish. I wanted baby pink tips but trying to tell the lady doing my nails I wanted pink was hard/angered her enough. Oh well! Work with what you've got no?
Of course I can't leave them looking pretty. I decided five minuets later in Walmart they had to be more sparkly and in true gal style painted my nails right in the store with a coat of glitter. Then I blinged them out to make them look more like they were out of Nailup. Just goes to show, I'll never be happy till I get real 3D nails done!

I'm obessed with this Japanese magazine called Ageha right now. The models all have blonde, big curly hair and fake eyelashes. The covers are always covered in glitter like this. I want to be one!

Its funny becuase I like it but at the same time I don't. Takes getting used to I guess~!


kennex said...

my friend get her nail done in u think it is pretty? yours is grest by the way

miley cyrus said...

that girl is really ugly. on the magazine cover.
her teeth are fucked up