Sunday, July 5, 2009

my latest Deco, shopping and Fairy Drops Mascara review

Yesterday I went to the zoo. I also got very sick. I am still sick. I hate living with this.
Heres some stuff I've been meaning to post!

First up is my magically blackberry. I'm obessed with deco right now and I'm proud of my work! The big heart and chain were put on by me as well as the flower but the rest was put on with a deco sheet I cut up. Next to do: Bigger and better cellphone charms!
This picture doesn't do it justice.

Its my baby. I didnt really do anything to the front though becuase how uncomfortable would that be for talking? I use my baby too much for that!

Next up was my ebay purchase. I got Platinum Fairy Drops Mascara on ebay for something ridiculasly cheap! I won it for like a dollar but shipping was sadly $13.50 for some reason. Much like the reviews I was pretty disapointed. The brush is amazing at seperating lashes but the actual formula of the mascara is where this product totally lacks. It's just not thick enough to give the faux lash look most girls crave. I think when I'm done with the tube im going to try the mascara wand with my favourite mascara L'Oreal's Voluminous. Fairy drops is worth having if just for bottem lashes. The packaging is the best part for sure. It comes pre-blinged with a pink rhinestone on the top and a pretty silver decorated tube with pink drawings. This mascara is perfect for my deco/hime(princess) phase I'm going through.


The special brush!

Lastly! Heres the cute Barbie by Patrica Field earrings I purchased for $50.00. (I got them in a boutique but their cheaper online if you don't factor in price conversion to Canadain and shipping. I love them though! I wan't to start a Barbie jewerly collection.

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