Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lenzr photo contests, photographers get your prizes!

Who doesn't love contests? I know I do! Lenzr is a local photo contest website that awards real prizes to people who upload the most popular photos. This is great for chance for all the aspiring Photographers who read my blog to gain some exposure (with the chance at winning cool prizes!) If your not a photographer the site is still defiantly entertaining and worth checking out. With access to archives of local photos the site will also be offering coupons in future cycles

Make sure to check out these three summer contests launched earlier in July. They will end on midnight, August 31st 2009.


Post pictures of the mega city experiencing summer and win your choice of smart phone, courtesy of the best cell phone plans website in all of Canada.
Winner receives their choice of one (1) smart phone and may choose from either Blackberry, iPhone, or Pre - the only caveat is that the winner be able to appear in person to pick up the prize in September.
The Prize!


Submit pictures of Toronto's emergency response units, police, firemen and EMS techs responding to a crises, and you could win an Esquire Verve 2020 watch, donated by a time management consultant.

The Prize!


Upload pictures of the Toronto skyline from interesting vantage points, and you could win a Pentax Optio P90 compact camera courtesy of Lenzr.
The Prize!

I defiantly need to brush up on my photography skills and enter some contests! These prizes are amazing! The emergency in Toronto one could be SO interesting! I can just imagine what photo geniuses could capture from that!
Also worth checking out is Lenzr's blog . An interesting read with the back stories on the prizes, sponsors and photographs and the Lenzr category of the Toronto Message Boards.

For the summer in Toronto contest I think this photo from last year's Canada Day fire works at Square One would be cool!

I liked the angle from this.

Check out this photo for the Skyline contest by user Davidphoto. I think its such a great shot of the city.

I think it would be really cool if they had a make-up photo contest for whoever has the coolest makeup photo. Now that would get alot of makeup junkies hooked!

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Robert Campbell said...

Thanks for the post Keely. I hope you guys enjoy Lenzr and I hope somebody you know uploads a popular photo and wins a nice prize.