Sunday, July 19, 2009

Forever 21 to Launch Makeup Line

According to Yahoo's Shine blog, Forever 21 is set to venture into the world of cosmetics this fall. No word yet on when or if Canada will be carrying the line. The line is inspired by established high end makeup lines such as YSL and Mac.

The reactions from the makeup communtie have been mixed. Forever 21 is known for purchasing their clothes from really shady manufacturers and having terrible quality. If their clothes are making people break out I hate to imagine what their makeup could do! Hopefully it'll be awesome but only time will tell. What ever happened to HnM's big makeup line launch? I never heard anything about it after I heard they were launching a line. I'm almost positive its not available in Canada and I think I would have heard more about it if it was available in America.
Weird no?

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