Friday, July 31, 2009

Essenity Hair Event / product review and good products for thick curly hair

I got an invite to a salon to preview a new line of products called Essensity by Schwarzkopf Professional. The lines selling point is it is all natural and and organic based. It was a fun day! I got to go get my hair washed and styled which is always a nice treat. I brought along my friend Kathy who also got her hair done. They also had somebody from Yves Rocher doing makeup touch ups. She put on a really pretty bronzer. It was a really metallic shiny finished and reminded me of the MAC Mineralize blushes. They come with a pressed powder that seems terribly crappy. We got a pink one in our sample bags along with lipgloss.

The products smelt great, the smell wasn't overpowering like some hair products. Overall I think it was a great product line, but defiantly not somebody with hair like mine. My hair isn't terribly damaged but it's still very bleached and needs repair. I naturally have very course, thick and wavy hair and even their repair/moisture conditioner couldn't cut it for me. I could tell when I felt my hair that it wasn't going to turn out the best and that was because I need stronger products. I think somebody with hair like mine needs something very heavy duty all the time. The styling balm used on my hair was just too sticky and made it feel pretty terrible for the rest of the day. I also got a lot of tangles which is something I normally don't get. My recommendations for people with hair like myself are Ion hair care repair masques and conditioners from Sallys, 3 minuet miracle by Aussie and if you really want to go organic then American Creme by Lush.

My friend Kathy on the other hand, has fairly damaged Asian hair and the products seemed to work very well for her. I think Essensity is a great line for people with naturally straight hair and it smells so good! Kathy's hair looked great, didn't take too long to style and let her style to have some volume. Hair products are really like skin care, you have to find what works best for you!

Getting makeup done

kathy with her sample bag

Our hair at the end!

You can try to sign up for an Essensity and the city event by checking their website here

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