Thursday, July 16, 2009

blackberry curve

I finally got a phone again! I was going through blackberry withdrawl and almost died. I hate buying new phones without credit, its the worst feeling! I got a blackberry curve again but this time in red. Not sure if I like it better then silver. I can't wait to decorate it up again though, I was so content with my last phone! I'm going to cry!

I have to get my ass practising for recording today. Tomorrow I'm getting tested out to see basically if I'm good enough for these really big managers. I'm terrified, my voice has been shot lately and I'm really nervous. Wish me luck please!

I'll blog later, just thought I'd update

1 comment:

katie mckay said...

ur never gunna get anywere if u never perform.. srsly.

not tryna be mean but seriusly ur never gunna get anywhere
no offense..