Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am shocked. I've been trying to get vocal lessons as their clearly necessary for any wannabe profesional artist. I randomly called up a place this week who told me to come in yesterday for a consultation. I asked how much they charged for lessons but the girl refused to tell me insisting I had to come in to find out. Alright! So I go and they make me sing a song, then tell me I have to pay $100 for the consultation. Uh, are you kidding me? You failed to mention that on the phone! I had to spend ALL of my birthday money on a stupid consultation for lessons I can't even afford. I get the guy has worked with Shania Twain and Shawn Desmen but COME ON. There not that great! On top of that, who can afford half an hour lessons for $150. I mean sure, the guys probly a great vocal teacher but what can he teach you in half an hour each week for that much money thats so worth it?

I'm just so sick of these industry people who charge so much to "start careers" that are never going to get started. Sure this guy owns his own label and all but who doesn't? If his label was that great he wouldn't be doing vocal lessons. Anyways, I feel like crap after that and needed to rant.
Thanks for listening.
And to all aspiring artists like myself out their, remeber the "best" sucks. If you want to find your way into the music industry try newer ways.

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