Monday, March 23, 2009

Recessionistas rejoice!

I'm sure I'm not the only young person in the world who's sick of hearing about the recession. Yes, huge company's are disappearing and unemployment rates are at all an all time high but hearing about it over and over again isn't helping. I don't want to go home from school today and hear my grandparents give me another lecture about how nobody has money! Clearly though, I'm not the only person who feels this way. Virgin Mobile has had the amazing idea to start a website aimed at the frustrated youth and given us a place to connect, appropriately titled Screw You Recession!

This helpful and fun website offers tips on how to manage your budget and have fun. Let's face it we've grown up with the luxury of entertainment and technology and although we have to cut back, were not willing to give up all the fun because the economy's taken a turn for the worst.

Even I admit I'm feeling the crunch of the recession. I bought a pair of shoes for a photo shoot and returned them because I really don't need heels at the moment and I've also tried selling some of my unwanted clothing on craigslist.

Here are some of the other Tips I came up with to hopefully help you guys save some money.

- Don't spend your money on great length extensions (cost upwards of $2000). Great weaves can be done to your hair and they can look amazing for just under $100! Or go natural!

-The sale department at Urban Outfitters really is better then I imagined. My best friend Kerry got a pair of coloured skinny jeans for under $10.00 last week! I'm wearing a cute long sleeve shirt that I also bought for $10.00 that's more comfortable then you can imagine.

-Shop outside of the box, I rarely shop at stores lately and instead opt for affordable stores in Kensington Market and China Town. It's all unique and affordable!

-Try to avoid online shopping if you can, shipping prices can REALLY add up.

-Don't waste your money on the very popluar and overpriced feather headbands trend and instead be crafty. All you need is a headband, shoulder pad (cut to the shape you want) and glue on feathers. Voila, you have a $30.00 hair piece.

-Most headband trends can very easily be done yourself. Even I've made a Gossip Girl style headband and people ask me where I got it all the time!

-Try to shop for wardrobe staples instead of trends in cheaper stores. I find one of the biggest mistakes I make in stores that are less expensive is I buy pieces that are trying to be really fashionable but are so poorly made and un-tailored so in the end I never wear them. Things like sweaters and basic tee are a lot better to shop for.

- Recycle. Did you know when you bring 6 containers back to mac you get a free lipstick or eyeshadow of your choice? Your helping the enviorment and your wallet!

If you have any tips of ways your saving money, post them! I seriously recomend checking out the Screw You Recession website though. It's very hard to come across helpful and entertaning advice for youth in a way we can actually appricate.


Jesus, a.k.a. wolverine, a.k.a,. chuck norris, a.k.a larry XD said...

Thank You for the tips Keely!
Very Helpful :P

Screw you Recession!
lmao! XD

Retarded guy said...

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me speciallest :P XD
like tips u make