Friday, March 20, 2009

Photoshoot drama!

Sorry I stopped posting! I went through Chaos! That day I was typing on the train I was on my way to a photo shoot for some sketchy online magazine. It was a crazy day. So, so much drama. The people running it were extremely rude to the photographers, other model and myself. It ended with a huge fight between everybody. I swear it was better then America's Next Top Model. While everyone was fighting i was sitting in the corner of the room eating skittles watching in awe.

The other model was supposed to be my total opposite in the shot, funny thing was me and her were like twins. She ended up dragging me to a music video shoot for some rapper after. It was really freaking funny. How I ended up their I'll never know. At around ten something I had to leave as I told my grandparents where I was and they were convinced I was getting raped! Fun!

(Myself and my new model friend in the washroom of the video shoot.)

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