Sunday, March 15, 2009

on the train and typing this again

This might take me all day to type. I tried typing it before then right before I sent it, it clicked back and I'm doing this on my blackberry so this is hard!

Friday I was going to go to my parents home in burlington, where I have not been in over a month as I got fed up with their inhuman, worst parents ever that don't gfive a crap about me act. Instead last minuet I opted out for spending the night at square one with dave a marie. We saw oraline which I wasn't really into. I'm probly the only person in the world who isn't really a tim burton fan. Marie ended up sleeping over and we were up until three dying and toning my hair. It did not turn out to well and I fried it to HELl again. Just when my hair started being human again. I'm so upset I could cry.

When we woke up on saturday I realised I was the worlds biggest idiot and the photoshoot I was supposed to do was on saturday not sunday! The photographer was the biggest sweetheart and I felt so terrible about it. Luckily I wasn't the only one who didn't show up. The wardrobe stylist didn't either, poor girl! I went downtown and sold my shirt to some girl and ended up spending ten times more then I made.

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