Monday, March 23, 2009

Okay so march break nearly killed me. I don't think I have ever done so much in a week. Instead of posting about it all I'm just going to do an overview!! (Not that I can even remeber what happened by now)

Friday- hung with a friend, played guitar! (I think?)
Sunday- Longest ass photo shoot ever. Serious Drama, models and photographers got into huge fight. Got made fun of for being white LOL. Made a friend and ended up at a video shoot for some rapper. Had to go home as my grandparents were going to call the police becuse they were convinced I was doing porn or getting raped.
Tuesday- Mtv shoot, I'm going to be in one of those weird crazy comerical things they have in between shows. My friend Danielle was their.
Wednesday- Went home, rented an amp and mic with plans to make music studio.
Thursday- Still home, gave up on my plans of trying to figure out how to produce for the seventh time now.
Friday- Photoshoot with DOGS! Paris Hilton style ahah. I looked terrible and couldn't care less at that point.
Saturday- Photoshoot I didn't want to do but did because photographer drove me crazy. Drove me crazier at shoot. Never again. I'm totally being way more selective with who I shoot and what I do with my time after this week.
Sunday- Photoshoot with terrible fake eyelashes. Took forever to get into hair and makeup because of other models. Got home at nine and died of exhaustion and hunger.

So that was it. As much as I can remeber! I'll deffinatly be posting pictures soon (I hope), not that I have any yet! GRRR

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Anonymous said...

u need to post more photoshoot pics.. u always talk about doing all these shoots yet u never leave any pics:(

it is saddening