Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stone of Destiny

Movies lately, have been lacked originality. When was the last time you saw something that wasn't based on a book? Wasn't a remake? The entertainment industry has been focusing on gimmicky things like the clothing in movies, instead of the actual story to bring viewers out. The Stone of Destiny is a refreshing glance back into the magical world of story telling and leaps into the original and perhaps needed topic of nationalism and how for today's youth, pride for one's Country is a thing almost of the past.

The plot of the movie focuses on Ian Hamilton, a Scottish University students who enlists the help of a group of University students to help him break into Westminster Abbey to retake the Stone of Scone. The students plan to take it back on Christmas Day 1950, as a sign of Scottish pride. The Scottish used this stone for centuries to crown Scottish Monarchs but was taken by England in the 13th Century. For these students, they believe their actions could reawaken a sense of national pride for their Country even if they are not successful.

The movie promises to be entertaining, with fast paced robbery scenes, romance, strong opinions and dedication. What doesn't it have? If anything, I can see this movie having a big impact on the viewers as it is not afraid to ask them how much pride do people, especially the youth have in their countries now?

I've grown up with the notion that I should be embarrassed I'm Canadian when talking to Americans or in America and have always heard people complain about how America's better (shopping, healthcare, hotter guys, better schools, ect). Look at all the fuss Canada's making over Obama, he's going to Ottawa for 6 hours and restaurants all over Canada are making Obama themed menus. Our own Prime Ministers interviews are posted on news websites instead of the actual show because nobody wants to watch him yet tomorrow is full live coverage of Obama going from his limo into Parliament. I get that hes the first Black preident and a likeable one but come on Canada show some interest for yourselves! I don't agree with that opinion that America is better, to have grown up with such negativity regarding such a free, great Country while growing up it makes me wonder; Has public pride for our Country dropped so dramatically because we take what we have for granted or has America's large influence on the world taken away the strong sense of pride Canada once had?


Anonymous said...

oh wow! that looks pretty siick. i tottly agree with you!! like omg


Anonymous said...

America? Better healthcare?
You mad?

Anonymous said...

Canadian health care is free and American health care is not. Do your research.

Plus, i gues ur too dumb to realize exactly how much power America has. The United States is the most powerful country in the whole world; Obama coming IS indeed a huge deal. Wow way to bea dumbass.