Friday, February 27, 2009

Sorry I haven't blogged! I had a temperature of 104 all week and it was quite brutal! Then I considered not coming back to school as cheerleading has fallen apart and I cannot handel rejection. Oh, and my friends don't give a crap about me really so that makes things a bit harder.

This week I had a fun job though! I got paid a very small amount to do a hair modeling gig (BUT I GOT PAID!). I loved it though! I got some free products and my hair styled by THE curly hair guru of Canada and possibly the world, Johnathn Torch. He made my hair do things I never thought were possible and all with just products!. My hair looks exactly like Naomi from 90210 and Romisa has been freaking about it and calling me that all week. I shall post pictures when I get some for sure.

Last night I went out for dinner at Square one. Dave got a credit card and I havent even spent anything on it! (cheapass wont let me). Loser. Anyways, I must get going. Marketing calls and I'm so behind in it I now have a 30% and a test I have not studied for. Help?

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Cup of Reeny said...

You should go to Town Shoes and see the new barbie shoes they have out. They have these really nice heels with zebra stripes on them .I tried them on and immediately thought of you. Maybe if you go with Dave and he sees how nice they are he'll have a change of heart.

Feel better and be more optimistic!