Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nars Spring Collection

Defiantly one of the most exciting collections of any makeup line in along time, Nars has really brought out some creative colours just when I had lost hope!
I can't wait to see the Hula Hula eyeshadow duo on the skin as well as the baby girl single pink shadow. I've never seen pink like this in makeup before! Its exciting! The Hungry Heart blush duo is going to be either a huge hit or miss for me but knowing NARS when it comes to blush, a huge hit. The Grenadines single garnet shadow is defiantly something I've never seen before and am DYING to try. The Night sun is a yellow shadow that I am determined to make work for everyday summer looks even though its a bold yellow. Also new, Concealer duos in a pallate! So excited! I need money for all this! I had put a hold on my makeup shopping! NARS SEND ME FREE STUFF!


Make sure to tell me when you all try this stuff out!

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