Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For Jpop Fans

Some of you may wonder why on earth I've posted a picture of Ugly Betty. (Photo from Well! See that little doll on her bag? That happens to be a Blythe doll modeled after one my favourite Jpop stars Tomoko Kawase. She's famous for being in the Jpop/rock band The Brillant Green (think of a softer no doubt). She started a solo project a few years ago where she has alter egos, Tommy Febuary6 is her pop/80's style amazing dance music with videos that often feature lots of cheerleaders (yes, this is all I need in a popstar). Then she has her other side Tommy Hevenly which is a total Japanese version of Avril. They even look similar. She often plays with both of her charaters in her videos. Anyways, there totally worth checking out.

One of her first big singles on Tommy Febuary was this amazing song,

Another great Febuary6 song

A heavenly song where you can even see the doll in the picture!

Check her out for sure, she's deffinatly amazing!

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