Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do Over Day

We have so many pointless holidays lately that we were bound to have a new holiday we would actually enjoy come up soon, right? Well ladies and gentlemen I think this is the perfect time to present to you Do Over Day. February 26, 2009 is the first official Do Over Day. Do Over Day is dedicated to reliving your favourite memories and thinking about the the mistakes you've made you wish you could do over.
I thought I would take this opportunity to present to you, my biggest high school mistakes that I would do over.

-Grade 9- In grade nine I joined my schools spirit squad. I ended up basically choreographing some of the routines and teaching everyone basic cheer skills, as I was the only real cheerleader on the team. Sad. Anyways, the co-captain was known as the biggest bitch and I happened to threaten her. A professional dancer with a big ego, she made my life hell for getting along with the actual captain. (Funny how at my old school some school social cliche rules applied?) Our second last game, I happened to be having an anxiety attack while I was PMS-ing. Combine that with the fact I cannot bear to be cold as I become miserable and you get the worst. mix. EVER. So shoving me in the snow with a t-shirt made me cave into putting my sweater on after 20 minuets of hell. The co-captain told me if I didn't take it off I was off the team and the teachers of course just stood there being just as stupid. I got so pissed I walked away with my boyfriend of the week and never looked back. I wish I had stayed for the last game and got my cheerleader sweater though! If I could do it over I would have skipped that day of school!

-Grade 9- I told a senior I had a crush on him and wrote him a song. To this day I still die of embarrassment.

-So I went through a bad break-up and the emo thing was really, really big! But in the end there is just NO excuse for this hair. It was an emo disaster complete with coon tails, which might I add I have ALWAYS hated! How I had the courage to walk around like this last year, I'll never know. There is also the fact I glued it in with hair glue which is the worst thing ever! I spent weeks scraping out glue!

-All ages clubbing, first mistake, second going with only one person- a gay guy and third would
be pretending to pole dance and stepping in a table, flipping it over and spraining my ankle so that I had to sit down for the rest of the night!
-Spending $4000 on a sweet sixteen just to wear a big amazing poofy dress, then buying one that didn't fit properly and only looked alright from far away! That and the fact I wore it for about half and our before I couldn't stand the fact I could not move in it!
- Anyone I dated from grade 9-10. So embarrassed.

-Going to a trailer park, not once but TWICE!

-CUTTING MY HAIR SHORT. WORST THING I EVER DID! HONESTLY! Two years later and I still regret it every day I look in the mirror!

As for something I'd want to re-live I guess I would go with all the high school dances. I only had them in grade 9 as my new school refuses to have them. They were such amazing nights, it makes me so mad that my new school takes all that fun away from high school!
What were your biggest high school mistakes that you would do over? Or what were your favourite moments? Make sure to post them in the comments! The best I'll make sure to post in another blog!
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Anonymous said...

Grade 9- Being such a big bitch that i lost half of my freinds and getting kicked out of school for the first time Thus leaving assumption and having go to Bateman. Also trying to have a serious relationship at 14... Lots of HUGE mistakes there.

Grade 10- Becoming secluded with someone and not making any friends but this one person. That and the only people i was somewhat freinds with were connected to him.. this is still somewhat challenging now.

Grade 10/11- Not helping myself, allowing myself to slip back to certain ways.

Grade 11/12- I hate because of all the last few things, i have a huge i don't care attitude, and allowed them to push me around so I'm don't have much and everything i have so do the other people... that and much more.

Robert Campbell said...

Righteous! I hope you put some of those incredible 'do overs' on the Facebook page - I'm sure they'd give you t shirt for that.

Kerry said...

Grade 9- I really regret not standing up for myself. I was really shy back then and I didn't have a voice of my own. That led to the worst bullies and even worse boyfriends!

Grade 10- Cutting my hair short! LMAO. Jesus, did I ever look like the biggest butchy-lessy you've ever seen :P

Also, that summer was when my grandmother got into such a bad condition before dying in grade 11. I wish I spent more time with her. Way way way more time. I miss her so much and I hope that she knows that.

Grade 11- So, I wish I knew a cure to death cause grade 11 sucked ass. My grandma died at the beginning, and then a good friend of mine committed suicide soon after. I wish I could've saved him from himself. He seemed so happy, but I guess I was wrong. I really wish he would've told me what was wrong so I could've helped him.... miss you Josh :(

Grade 12 - I have no regrets (minus the crap boyfriends) about grade 12. It really was my year! I had a hit school tv show, I was popular, and prom was amazing. I was best dressed and everyone who had hated on me in the past apologized and admitted their faults. They realized how strong I am now after all I've been through and how internally beautiful the high school struggles have made me

All in all, they may be regrets, but at the same time I wouldn't change them for the world because they helped change me for the best.

kelseylololol said...

I have no time to post this,
but I must mention something :

goodbye ;D

Anonymous said...

wow it seems like everyone has mistakes in highschool! dear god even i had some bad times haha. Never as epic as anyone here!


the.frig said...

i guess im jsut happy i wasnt such a sucker in highschool.
MY do-over would be to join schouts or cubs or some crap like that. I need to know how to tie knots and fish.