Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Crazy Update

So i got exams over with,
I studied like mad for math and got a 48%, I still passed the course but I'm hella pissed off!
I got decent on Anthropology which is odd as I didn't study at all and it was a really hard course!

With that being said, My best and only friend I hang out with at school got kicked out and I've refused to go the last two days. What a great first impression on my teachers, no?

Saturday I did a shoot with a bunch of girls for Fashion Whore clothing. I can't wait to show you guys the pictures it was a blast!

I also redid my room and am trying to get everything organized. I built a closet like thing with Azra on Friday and it took us four hours. I'll take pictures of my room when I get more sorted but everythings still left in bags! Help!! Theres no where to put all this crap! Ironically I still have like, no clothes. How does this work?!!

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Robert Campbell said...

Fashion Whore? what a great name for a label. Do they have a website? How can I buy Fashion Whore clothes?