Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When the world doesn't want you to cheer

Man, Lifes been stressful. Sunday I totally walked out on cheerleading and am not going back. Sorry, but months of standing there and listening to girls talk about parties and hangovers isnt exactly what I'm giving up my time (or weekend) for. I could have gone to a makeup show that day! So now, I'm retardly frustrated and want to cry when I think of cheerleading but I guess I'll have to work it out somehow. Breath.

I haven't done much over the break, I hung out with Charlotte, Marie and Dave and took crazy pictures.

Marie anc I were wearing my Lolita dresses for some reason I can't imagine.

This is offically the most distrubing picture I've ever seen.

And I sewed a dress and a sailor-ish type outfits (I'm on top of trends ahah). The dress is actually wearable and normal! My mom was even shocked! The sailor outfit, not so much.

So excuse me while I cry over my failed attempt at a cheerleading career.

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