Monday, January 5, 2009

Shopping addict Finds of the week

God, I spend all my money for this week on the first day. Ouch!
I could no longer resist the temptation of pastry shoes and had to indulge.

There so cute! I love them. There my first pair of high top sneakers ever. Even the box was too adorable to resist. I defiantly want to use this box to hold something, maybe jewelry or something.

I also got a proper pair of fake fuggs.

Gross but needed.

I'm also very proud to announce I FINALLY BOUGHT JEANS! Guess still had some really good jeans on sale. I got a pair of regular ones and premium ones. I love them both. The weridest part is I got SUCH a small size. Usually I wear like three sizes up from what I got.

Money.. I miss you already!! I am proud to say I managed to resist myself from buying any bras or underwear after being in Lasenza today! The pussycat dolls line was SCREAMING at me! YAY FOR MY 1% OF SELF CONTROL!

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