Saturday, January 3, 2009

New years

I'm deffinatly never going to get my summative anthro/soc/psych project done. Oh well. I miss Jeremy, hes in Chile right now. Sucks having your best friends away, new years didn't feel right without him. Not seeing him in so long doesn't feel right either! I can't beleive schools starting again on Monday. Life is so much easier without it aha!

I never got to wish you guys a proper HAPPY NEW YEARS! Sorry about that! I spent three days downtown with my friend Liz visitng from St. Louis. For New Years Eve I rented out a karaoke room at one of my favourite places downtown. It was a blast! We showed up and there was smoke coming out of one of the rooms and firemen coming up the stairs. Way to start a chaotic night. Not only that but my reoccuring stomache problems of the past 4 years have gotten BAD again. I really hope they get better.. honestly its the worst thing to have to deal with. It's so scary. I'm going to focus on the fun though! I thought the only time I would get away with a sparkly pink tube dress from American Apperal was news years so naturally I had to wear it that night. (Myself, a monster and Liz)
Thank GOD I wore my cheerleading spankies under it as that thing rides up SOO fast! Its terrible! Back to the karaoke though! I was with Kerry, my only friend who sings japanese karaoke and does the dances with me and a bunch of other friends. Obviously me and Kerry hogged the machine all night becuase its just naturally what we sadly do.
We got the Korean machine and the English machines at the same time so we had more song choices. The Korean one actsually had some new Japanese songs so I was really excited about that. Me and Kerry had alot of fun singing D.D.D. By Koda Kumi and Soulhead. (Kerry with her scratched up knee)

It was one of our trademark songs and even Liz joined in! It really made me miss the way things used to be but what really can you do? At twelve me and Marie started running through the hall opening all the other peoples New Years rooms and screaming "HAPPY NEW YEARS!" and hugging all the people in the rooms. It was so fun! Then alot of them started joining onto our train of maddess. We made our way down to the last hall where we walked into a scene from Tokyo Drift. There were like 50 asain's in suits, gambling, drinking and smoking which deffinatly isn't allowed lmao. So that was pretty crazy. I had a hard time dragging Marie out of there!

Toronto is crazy on New Years though, I love it. The drunk people are so friendly to one another and there is just chaos everywhere. By the subway I saw a group of adults playing a game of ring around the rosie and others starting a mosh pitt. Chaos. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm really hopeing for big things this year and I've got a good feeling about it too. So goodluck guys! You have a whole new year to work towards your dreams!

Clips from Karaoke ahah! I'm deffinatly not proud of these clips!

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