Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lets see where i am!

Being myself, I have to deal with well, odd situations to say the least. I felt like laughing at my life a bit when I found this new search engine where you can search up pictures instead of words. I decided to use that crazy picture of me thats all over the internet and i got over 75 results! Which is pretty good considering this search engines new and apperntly not that great. If you want to try some pictures for yourself try at

Lets look at what we can find me in shall we?

I'm being used as an avatar on some emoish message boards. Interesting!

No idea what language this is but people keep posting pictures up and I'm one of them XD

Right below the G-Unit underwear shot, I'm featured on some little kid's nexopia profile! I'm honored, truley.

Asains love my picture too!

and look i found a cute avi of myself! score!

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