Saturday, January 24, 2009

La Fille Mal Gardée

One thing I'm really excited to see is La Fille Mal Gardee, a playful ballet by Sir Frederick Ashton. While I may not be lucky enough to view it at the real theater, Empire Theaters is helping out us less fortunate socialites by offering screenings of viewings across Canada at 1 pm on January 31st, 2009.

This ballet centers around the story of a village love affair, with the charming Marianela Nunez and Carlos Acosta as the leads. This story is also well known for being based on a famous french painting of a young girl being scolded by her mother for fooling around in the hay with a boy. This is where one of the stories first names, "The Ballet of Straw" came from. Thankfully with a better name, the story has gained a reputation as a great introductory to getting into the world of The Oprah and Ballet. La Fille Mal Gardee is often considered to be Sir Frederick's happiest creation. Click here for the productions full synopsis.

Marie and Myself totally plan on dolling ourselves up in our most Gossip Girl worthy outfits to catch a viewing of it ourselves. Now the real question is where do we find some guys willing to live in our Gossip Girl fantasy world?

Here are the Ontario locations for the showings on the 31st

ON - BOLTON - Empire 7 Cinemas

ON - BURLINGTON - Empire Showcase 6 Cinemas

ON - KINGSTON - Empire Capitol 7 Cinemas

ON - KITCHENER - Empire Studio 12 Gateway Park

ON - LONDON - Empire Wellington 8 Cinemas

ON - MISSISSAUGA - Empire Studio 10 at Square One

ON - NORTH YORK - Empire Empress Walk 10 Cinemas

ON - OTTAWA - Empire 7 Cinema

ON - RICHMOND HILL - Empire Elgin Mills 10 Cinemas

ON - ST. CATHARINES - Empire Studio 8 Pen Centre

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Robert Campbell said...

I think its awesome that you listed the theatres where we can see this. Now we know exactly where to go.