Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Sorry about the lack of posts! I'm always the most last minuet person in the world and let my math and anthro exams almost kill me. Math didn't turn out so bad and Anthro was alot easier then I though but that doesn't mean I did well sadly. I'm totally hoping I did though. I don't even know what I have next semster but I'm not looking forward to English or the fact I wont have computer access two times a day. What the heck am I going to do! I will not survive.

Hmm now lets see, my weekend consits of..
Tomorrow I'm recording a song I should have been practising for weeks and haven't, oh that and I lost the lyrics me and my producer worked on for 4 hours! He's going to KILL me! I better remeber them and FAST.
Hosting a show Friday with the Ruca Girls,
and Sunday I have cheerleading then I think I'll have to rush to a photoshoot right after!
Fun. Okay, well it is but its STRESSFUL. I'm going to get more STOP DOING SO MUCH AT ONCE lectures.
Anyways, The top of my priorities list is taking a shower as I need one. Please excuse me!

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