Monday, January 12, 2009

A crazy busy weekend

Oh boy, I'm exhausted! I haven't slept since like, Wednesday. I can't believe I'm awake and in class. So Thursday Kerry actually dragged me to pole dancing classes, the warm-ups were SO HARD. I don't know how I'm so out of shape when I cheer so often but oh well. It was fun though! Honestly, people don't realize how hard it is. A cool thing to note though is pole dancing is starting to become a competive sport where the participants are considered athletes and not strippers. I'm surprised that trend is just starting to catch on. To be honest I'm kind of confused as to how something as difficult as pole dancing ended up in strip clubs. Anyways, here's how busy my week was....

Thursday: got a weave done (Kill me), tanning, pole dancing classes
Friday: Meeting at lunch with Ian, downtown with friends - got home at 1
Saturday: 8:00 wake up, travel an hour and a half by transit to record downtown, movies, get home at 1
Sunday: Cheerleading then run to audition for High School Musical 2, got home at 12

I. Need. Sleep. Or at least a mental break. I think that would help more then anything. Recording was soo much fun. I was pretty dead but I still had a blast. We managed to get alot done too. We worked on the music and lyrics more then the vocals. The worst part is that I have to find a weekday to record and with exams I can't go anytime this week. Hopefully I'll be able to next week. My HSM2 Auditions went TERRIBLE! I decided to switch my song last minuet and I totally could NOT sing the chours for the song I choose. I defiantly should have known better. It was so embarrassing. When I think about it I really just want to cry but thats not going to make anything better. Even worse was that I knew so many people there and they were all so experienced and professional. I swear, I feel like I'm the only singer out there who has an extremely difficult time picking a good auditon song. It always makes me just want to cry. Oh well, at least I got some experience right? The waiting room for the auditon was a blast too so I guess it was all worth it. I just wish I could have been Sharpay ahah! So yeah, I hope you guys have an awsome week. I can't wait to show you the song I'm working on though, its Hilarius!

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