Friday, December 5, 2008

Urgh, what is wrong with my generation? Last night I caved into my American Apperal needs and bought a pink glittery tube dress and a red wine skirt. Then I happened to wander into La Senza where the Pussycat Dolls line pursuaded me to purchase $60 worth of a bra and underwear set that I should not be seen dancing around in. I bought the yellow ones. I did't really like the outfit Nicole was wearing until I saw it on her. Now I kinda want it, Oh no. Please, put us all in theropy becuase I know I'm not the only one my age buying it! Then I wandered into Aldo, where I realized I had lost all my killer earrings. Of course I bought a majorly blinged out pair. I also brought myself to buy lace gloves with bows and diamonds. Why would I buy that? Simply because I'm the only person who would or could somewhat get away with them! I'm heading downtown tonight which should be interesting becuase I haven't been in what seems like ages. I miss my city. Hopefully I'll have time to get down to some serious blogging this weekend though! (So sorry guys)
I managed to also injure my knee pretty bad which with my arm has now put the right side of my body out of mobility! Fun!

Also, Should I do world fair this year? It's basically my schools version of a talent show. I'm really debating that.. I wish I could have done battle of the bands which is today but a. no one goes and b. I have no band in school! God, its events like this that make me miss my old school SO much! Actusally, its just any school event that does!

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