Monday, December 15, 2008

Amazing 15% off everything in Rexell store coupon

download 15% off coupon here

As much as I hate to admit it, even I'M feeling the effects of this "ressession" and no, I can't even spell the word. Not that I care, I would like it out of my vocabulary as soon as possible please!
Anyways, from time to time I find myself scouring the web for coupons and deals. It scares me to admit that I really have that much time on my hands some days but oh well! Every once and while I come across some good useful ones. One of my latest good finds has been a 15 percent off coupon for Rexal and Phama Plus.

I know it might not seem that important at the first thought BUT, fifteen percent off can really help! It's harder to find coupons for pharmacy's then you think. So yeah, I wouldn't mind 15 percent off Advil and medicines for all the colds I've been getting. Not to mention I could save a lot of money on contacts ( which I seem to be going through like crazy lately.) I only wear one contact though because I'm crazy. Just thought I would mention that!

Or you can use this opportunity to buy some hair dye and shampoo, conditioner and styling products. Lately I've been so tempted to try something new. Hopefully some of you are a lot braver then myself and will! Not to mention I'm sure tons of you are getting some of your friends and family cosmetics for Christmas so why not use a coupon? Or you could just be like me and buy tons of cosmetics because "you feel its absolutely necessary" at the time. On the bright side though, at least you can get 15 percent off from December 15-19.

I hope this post has opened your eyes to the magical world of Drug Store therapy that I so heavily rely on. So please, try my form of relaxation out and get your gift shopping done!

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