Saturday, December 27, 2008

Okay soo,
I know I suck at blogging buttt I'm trying my best here. I have to record in the morning and SOMEBODY is piss drunk right now and I want to go bash there head in. Anyways, my nail obession has hit badly. Kerry and I got our nails done together at Pacific Mall last week (an Asian mall in Ontario) for $55 cdn. Mine turned out pretty cute but I regret not doing something I wouldn't have been able to do myself (yet!). Sadly, Kerry's nails all fell off really fast and mine didn't last too long either. We got them done at the most adoreable nail shop ever though and the girls there were so sweet!

The gems were defiantly swavorski gems which cost way to much. I loved having nails that sparkled like crazy. The one thing that kinda sucked was they were really short. I asked for short thumb nails though because I NEED TO BE ABEL TO TEXT!

Then when they turned a bit crappier I started adding stuff on to them.
I've gone mad with nail designs.

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