Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh christmas, I fear you. I can't beleive its Christmas eve tomorrow. I know I've totally been sucking when it comes to blogging and I totally apoligize! I have my huge anthro project I have to do and I didn't even bring my textbook home. I'm screwed.
Anyways, I'm feeling terrible for Charlotte right now. She was told today she might have to get braces. They told her she would have an excuse not to smile unless she was a cheerleader or something. Of course she is so she just ended up fighting with them. Hang in there Char, I was suppossed to get them too!!

Then theres also the fact that the world is crazy. Check out this facebook message I got from some chick at my school.

I'm crazy
msg title: I know you despise me but..

but I just wanted to clear the air between us, I can't stand hostility.
so I'm sorry for whatever I did to you, with Michael I suppose. I'm really not a mean person and I apologize if I hurt your feelings.


this is so akward but i dont hate you at all!
i dont even know who you are!!
but i dont hate you!!!
why did you think i do?
I'm insane:
through dirty looks, and I heard you wanted to beat me up..?

dirty looks?
babe i really dont know who you are im sorry!
i dont mean to give dirty looks
i just hear i do lol!
and no i totally dont want to beat you up
i dont want to beat anyone up!
I'm insane:
okay well.. whatever then.


I'm crazy:
I'm just trying to be nice mang, and you're just totally blowing me off?
what are you talking about...?

Honestly, what on earth. Just what on earth. See why I hardly deal with high school girls when I can avoid it? LOL!!


Anonymous said...

ewwewww braces are gay.
its charlotte btw.
2 years
fuck no
i might like not get them
but whatever
they are ugly.
and silver
im not a big fan of silver
and yeah the people were like
" haha, well atleast you have an excuse not to smile ! unless your a cheerleader or something .. " and i was like umm.. i am a cheerleader..

Anonymous said...

2 years for braces is NOTHING. i had them for 3 and a half. it's not that bad. just ask if you can get speed braces (you get them for a year to year and a half). if you have the cash, you can get 'invisible braces'. and honestly, it's worth it in the end.