Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Japanese nail art

Okay so, I'm going to attempt to show you guys a glimpse of the world that is Japanese Nail art. In Japan crazy fake nails are a HUGE thing and alot of the singers like Koda Kumi are always sporting CRAZY long fake nails. Sure, a lot of them make me want to cry becasue there so tacky but some of them are just too cute to resist. Here's some pictures of how cute they can be and some of my favourites.

Way to cute. I'm honestly like dying looking at these. I wonder if the dangly nail charms get on your nerves though? I totally want to try them.

I think these were handmade by a girl who like the style too. I Love them though. There so me!

I lovee these. Ther sooo princessy I'm dying.

The work that goes into these nails are amazing. They can get pretty expensive too but a pair avarages around 20$ if you get them online. My friend Kerry got them done at Pacific Mall an asain mall near us one time and her deisgns were so complicated it ended up costing here around $100. It's deffinatly alot more money getting them done at a salon.

Here's a link to a ebay store where I found alot of the cute nails.
Yukiumi Store

Also, if you look around kogal communites (the type of style the girls in Japan that usually wear thyere nails are) you can find alot of magazine pictures or downloads with how to do nails like this yourself. Tell me what you guys think of them!


Miss Tiara Ashleigh said...

They have these adorable ones with cupcakes and I'm getting them done on my nails :]

kendy said...

Nail art is an imaginative and artistic process, involving special care and expertise for bringing out the best effects. Different techniques and methods are employed by the nail artists to attain perfection in this art. These techniques may vary from hand painted designs and patterns to various artwork created with the help of specific nail coloring and designing tools such as air gun brushes and nail pencils.

Anonymous said...

I really like Japanese nail art designs, they even got some big expo to promote it