Tuesday, December 23, 2008

L'oreal Beauty Tubes

I've been meaning to blog about this mascara FOREVER now! Anyways, I must inform you all of the greatness that is L'Oreal's new Double Extension Beauty Tubes mascara. The tube technology is something that is starting to gain poplularity in the mascara industry. The mascara coats your lashes, surrounding them like a tube. This enhances the size and length, giving off an effect similar to faux lashes. Which every girl would love to have. L'Oreal has stepped up the mascara tube technology by adding a white base coat which gives an overall more dramatic, lasting and curling effect. I love the results as I really don't have the best eyelashes. This mascara is deffinatly the closest I have gotten to full, natural lashes. Another awsome bonus is this mascara rubs off with hot water, so theres no need to drag makeup remover all over with you. It doesn't smudge easily though, so you deffinatly don't have to worry about getting "panda" eyes. The black side of the mascara is very sheer and takes a few coats to cover the white base on your eyelashes but in the end it leaves you with amazing results. The mascara's curling and lengthing power last for hours beating out any of the other mascaras I've recently tried.

L'Oreal's Double Extension Beauty Tubes mascara retails for about $14.95 and can be purchased at any drugstore.

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