Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm too tired to blog but..

Hey bitches! Oh god, I just said that.
 Anyways, I'm back to being my young, chic and socialest. I'm staying downtown at the Marriot on bloor with my (fake) twin liz. (Yeah, the one I met on the interent with the same birthday). 

 This is good because I have a meeting on Bloor tomorrow early so thankfully I wont have to wake up thirty hours earlier. I'm exausted. I honestly didn't have that long of day but I went to the Eatons center.  I bought the hottest Guess bikini for way to much money. Kill me... Kinda broke for new years. CRAPPP. Oh well, anyways I also got and addidas sweater. I've wanted one for like ever and I'm glad I got around to one. I NEED JEANS THOUGH. CRAP. IT'S TERRIBLE AND I'M BROKE. SOMEONE PLEASE PAY ME TO BLOG OR SOMETHING?! 

 I also got an increably hot shade of lipstick and for a good price! I finally caught on to the winter trend of dark red lips I've been dying to do. Sephora actually has sales on, sadly I don't like Sephora sales as that means there dropping the lines. I hot Vincent Longo Gel X lipstick in Rush. It's hot and for half price its amazing!

Anyways, I'll post hot bikini pictures with me and liz when I get home LOL.
Oh new years, I'm scared for you.

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