Monday, December 8, 2008

i miss my cobras

I Must apologize, my lief has gone crazy. I haven't addressed this much on my blog but I have MAJORRR energy issues. Major. I've been missing about two days of school lately and its horrible. Between that I have so much school work to do because courses are ending soon. Mix that in with cheerleading and trying to see a bunch of people and work on music and well, I really have no time left.

Friday I went downtown and saw Kelsey and Miguel, my two friends from Bateman. Miguel moved and now lives in a condo downtown. Everything changes doesn't it? Somethings don't though. Sarah called me drunk at the movies Saturday night to explain the latest drama in her life.
Sunday I had a nice expensive dinner with my friends from my cheerleading team last year. Stepha, Dee and Julia and myself are the self entitled cheer-jects. We were the oddest of the cliques on our team last year but deffinatly had the most fun. We all hadn't gotten together since last year and I was thrilled to see them. Dee can drive now so she picked us all up in our heels ahah! We were loud and drove the restruant crazy but had a blast. You would not beleive the drama in the cheerleading world.. or maybe you would. One thing I noticed was, I saw such different sides of some of them since it was really the only time we all hung out outside of cheer. I still love them to death but it was interesting. I felt like a real girl last night! It was so crazy

From left to right: Stepha, i forget!, Julia, Moi, Angela, Dee

Yes, I look terrifying with a spray tan and yes, I cried wanting to be on Cobras again.
I've learned no matter where I cheer I think I'll always be a Cobra at heart


Robert Campbell said...

Hey I wondered if you knew the Five Blondes blog? They've been posting about cheer leading too. Just curious.

Young, Chic, and Social said...

i totally didnt,
thanks rob!

sami said...

damn your getting skinny girl!
more like toned actually you look great =] i should go workout BLA ily <3