Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I didn't go to school today. Instead I slept for 20 more hours (making four days in a row of sleeping!) and let the doctor feel me up to which he said "OMG YOUR LOOSING WEIGHT". Actually, I'm not! Maybe I really am getting muscles though? Oh my! Anyways, Marie's actually joining topflight! She's picking me and Charlotte up right now so I feel like I must address this issue.

Dear Marie,
you know i love you but were now like hafe an our late to cheer practise becuase YOU WANTED TO LOOK PRETTY?! DUDE. ITS CHEER PRACTISE. WE ARE SUPPOSESED TO LOOK LIKE CRAP! ITS DRESS CODE!
Not to mention you've made us miss four go trains. Girl I'm the Queen of late and your surpassing me.
We have a problem.

Thank is all, thank you.

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