Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bodyline order

I'm totally back to being myself (aka crazy white girl who loves asain stuff). To celeberate this, I used all the money I've made in the last few months to order some lolita clothes from bodyline. I orded a white button up shirt, a lolita dress and as a joke a pink japanesen school girl-ish dress. I also got a headband and thigh highs. I love them!! I'm not so crazy about the school girl dress but I LOVE the lolita dress. I've been wearing the bow that came with it everywhere. It kept falling off while i was attempting to back hand spring at cheerleading last night. I'm pretty pissed that the button up shirt I ordered (it was normal looking clothes) was kinda big but the arms were to small and i like cant get mine through! SO ANNOYING! I can't even think of a way to fix it through sewing which sucks. Anyways, I'm deffinatly going to order more. Probly tonight knowing me. I'm obessed with the buy it now option on ebay too. I ordered a set of nail gems which came to like $5.00 canadian with shipping!! If i bought them here it would be like $20.00. So excuse me while I got online shop in class!! P.S I'll post more pics as I get them!

The dress I love in it's adoreable packaging.

All the stuff I orded. The bill came in that adoreable folder!!

A quick shot of me trying my dress on <3

People say bodyline's stuff can be really bad quality but honestly, I think its pretty good!


Anonymous said...

I gotta say, you look stupid

Anonymous said...

i must say
your mom
looks stupid
i know you are diana
but not keely.

Anonymous said...

your the stupid bitch

milez x0x <33 said...

hey bitch, she doesnt look stupid.

you do, hiding your name.

jealousy is a bad disease, get well soon bitch :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

bodyline stuff is shitty quality. trust.