Sunday, November 16, 2008

Okay, so I offically fail at life.
I really don't know why I never manage to friggen get around to blogging anymore but!!
Dave is an idiot, why? becusue hes dave. Don't get me wrong, I love him and all but he's still an idiot!
So... being us we were wrestling like maniacs and he managaed to sprain my arm. Argh. I'm terrified for cheer! I better be able to. I managed to spend my mothers birthday in the doctors office and got xrays! Xrays which they gave me on a cd!
Take a look at my arm...

Man..I'm an idiot.

I ended up getting my mom a coach purse for her birthday becuase all she ever does is complain about how she has nothing nice anymore. Now she can't!!
My phone is back in repair again (I HATE YOU BELL). I also bought a blue tooth I managed to loose the next day. Well I might go, sketchy boys to deal with and friends who have gone mental.
((And homework I didn't do!))
OH, AND GET THIS. FIRST PERIOD (the class I blog in all the time yearbook and never go too) I'M GETTING A 90% IN. WHAT THE CRAP? I HAVEN'T GOT A 90% LIKE.. EVER.
and obviously I'm at risk of failing math.
But duh.

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