Wednesday, November 26, 2008

hilary duff's new video

Me and Hilary Duff are tight, well atleast in my world!
In grade 7 -8 we had the same haircut and EVERYBODY thought we looked alike.
Her movies raise your voice and a Cinderella story feel like stories of my life. Her last album also got me through a funny "high profile" break-up of mine.

HER NEW VIDEO IS SO HOT. This song could be huge if she gets the right promotion! Obviously though, she hasn't yet as I hadn't even heard of it! PEREZ, THIS IS YOUR JOB TO TELL US ABOUT IT!
Anyways, I'm filling in for the Queen of all media by telling you to go watch this HOT, SEXY VIDEO!
but honestly, It feels like I'm watching myself.. the hair and makeup. There so me!!


LAUREL. said...

LOL no.
What the heck.
I was so freakin' confused.
Some family star singing about getting laid.
Come ON.

Anonymous said...

Perez did definitely put this on his site because the video had trouble getting released in the states.