Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daily update

I am exuasted, nothing new. I'm also sitting in yearbook getting nothing done ( a guilt which is starting to haunt me). Me and Laurel and looking through Post Secrets, a book of postcardspeople sent in with their darkest secrets. Its amazing and pretty depressing. Cheerleading is scaring the crap out of me (like two weeks before comp and we have NO routine or stunting abilities... ouch?) Also, can we even enter a comp without a coach?
Kill me.
But on a high note, TWILIGHT ON FRIDAY OMG.
and then our school tumbling clinic with a (real!) coach on Saturday ( thank the lord... i hope)
So yes,
I'm cheering 6 days a week this week
but I'm not sick of it
I just wnana get shit done!

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