Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My skins pretty dry and unfortunately every moisturizer on the market makes me break out. The only two things I've discovered that can somewhat help are Nars foundation primer ( It doesn't make me break out any more then usual.. I think at least and it takes away red) and oddly enough bio-oil.

Bio-oil is supposed to heal scars and stretch marks, help uneven skin tones while moisturizing dehydrated skin but I think it really benefit people with acne. Since I've been using it my skins been softer and I haven't been breaking out. This is pretty suprising since its an oil, I thought it would be make my skin greasy and more break out prone. 

Anyways, for around $12.00 the price is really good. Although I'm not so sure about how well it heals scars (it takes along time to work) I've heard nothing but good things so far.
Are you guys willing to try it out? Tell me in the comments!!

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Miss Tiara Ashleigh said...

i lovee bio oil, so much.
i use it on my stretch marks on my boobs :D