Wednesday, November 26, 2008

As you know, I royally suck.
I totally don't have a uniform picture yet but hopefully I'll get one tonight.
Last night at top flight we tried creating a pyramid. They were going to let me top but sadly one of the bases wanted to top and i ended up being thrown onto my face (i punched myself in the lip while biting it. Not fun!) So now I have huge Jay-Z lips on like one side and it looks like I'm wearing lip liner when really its the spot I bit. FUN! God my sholders are in PAIN.

Detention turned out to not be so bad, I got my Anthro work done that I doubt I would have done otherwise. Sadly, my HUGEEEE unit test is on Thursday. I DO NOT KNOW A DAMN THING ON THIS UNIT. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT UNIT WERE ON! phycology or something?>! IDK. OH, AND I HAVE A HUGE DAMN ESSAY I HAVE TO WRITE AND IF YOU REMEBER THE HELL I WENT THROUGH FOR THE LAST ONE YOU WILL KNOW HOW SCREWED I AM.

Anyways, the dreaded cheerleading coaches are coming back tonight for school cheerleading and I'm terrified. I'm really glad I get to cheer with Charlotte all the time though, we've become really good friends from it and she's as insane as I am. I promise I'll try and post tonight!!

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