Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yet again, I must apologize for not having much time to write. I'm trying to solve the issues I clearly have with myself that I take out in a form of "OMG I THINK I LOVE THIS ASSHOLE BUT I REALLY DONT". Besides that, I'm cheer leading like 3 hours a day at least. Me and a few girls from the school sqaud are joining Top Flight All stars (a new cheerleading squad that just started up). That should be fun but it means ill be cheering every day of the week but fridays and sundays. Chances are I will have a mental breakdown and quit but oh well.

I'm really trying to focus on the postive things in my life, like the unusally great people. I owe Scott the worlds biggest hug, the fact he made a cheer mix for my squad is beyond amazing (and saved me $500). Theres also the fact hes great moral support so I really owe him! I'm also trying to patch things up with everyone I kinda just dissapeared from (due to sleeping my life away, urgh.)

I really don't know whats going to come out of all this to be honest, I'm just going to work hard on cheer for the time being and then after our first competion I'm going to stop and figure out what I'm going to do next musically and where I can fit time in. That is of course, if I survive. My arms, legs, butt and thighs are hardly moving right now. At this rate I'm honestly going to have the hottest body ever!

Oh god, I'm taking on way to much arent I?

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