Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vampire Party.

So last night, Diana, Marie et Moi traveled downtown for my friends Aaron and Tristan's vampire themed party. It was quite interesting, honestly the funnest part of the night was figureing out what we were going to wear ( that and the looks we got on the subway.) My theme was a "sex and the city" vampire. I wore my nanushka dress <3<3<3<3<3 Love it. I need more cute designer dresses and excuses to wear them.

It was quite the interesting party.. pretty akward. Like always, we were the youngest ones there. Sometimes I wonder if I've based my whole life on things that would be funny to blog about.

SO THE PARTY. We got there, watched a movie some dude there made. Then we sat down and conversed, while Marie criticized the music ( which did suck). The rest is kinda a blur, we talked to some cool guys, but we mostly just were being idiots with one another. The funniest part of the night was when these 25 year old girls came in (they looked a lot older then everyone else) and stared us down. Then the guy sitting beside us loudly said "THE OLD 30 YEAR OLD GIRLS LOOK EVIL" to us. Of course they heard him so one of them started screaming at him about how they werent much older then they were. Oh awkwardness.

As our night came to an end I called for a taxi. NEVER HAVE I BEEN SO DAMN INSULTED. So I call the damn taxi and its downstairs waiting for us. I ended up fighting with the guy for 20 minuets saying "THIS IS MY CAB!" Like shut up and drive much? Then he started calling his dispatch person who then called me and was yelling at me about how he didn't know it was me he was suposed to pick up. After I exaplained to him I was right in frount of the friggen cab he said "sorry this guys and idiot". Once he let us in the damn taxi he starts arguing about how there were three of us and he had to make three stops. I was just like "NO TAKE US TO UNION STATION STOP FIGHTING!". The minuet we get there he starts screaming "HURRY, HURRY GET OUT, GET OUT!" I understand time is money but SHIT. Marie of course couldn't find her five dollar bill so we started scraping up change. He wouldn't take change. Finally I found some more money ( while he repeditivly screamed at us) and we gave it to him. As we got out he had the nerve to tell us not to call again when we don't have the money ready. I was so pissed right as i got out I Screamed at him about how he shouldn't even be getting paid becuase he's a rude idiot and slammed the door.

Urgh, what a night.

The best part was probly getting their, it was quite the adventure. Marie, being Marie made us miss our train so we ended up wasting money on a bus to the next stop on the go train to kill time and cheerleaded and sang in frount of everyone.
Videos to come (I'm posting one now)

Hope you guys have an awsome weekend!

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