Saturday, October 18, 2008

This week

I seem to have a proble, everytime I do something worth blogging about I usually procrastinate actusally putting it up!
I'll try working on some stuff now but I'll breifly sum up my crazy week.

Monday- no school
Tuesday- to exasted to live didn't go to school.
Wednesday- school + cheer bake sale which was alot of fun. Cheer started to get to me though.
Thursday- Terrible friggen day, ended up at the best concert of my life but spent hafe of it alone until I ran into Bobby at the end thankfully. Crazy night. (blog posts coming!)
Friday- Even worse then Thursday. I was so upset I canceled all my plans, walked home from school and ended up crying in a field on the way.
Today- Still reluctant to do anything, ended up being kiddnaped by Tristan and Aaron my crazy film maker friends for an hour at eight. They totally ruined my "I am not going to live" vibe.

I really thought several times today with Tristan and Aaron I was going to die. They are honestly insane, it was a nice suprise though. Anything to get my mind off reality is a good thing at this point. I'm really stressed and honestly thinking of switching schools next semester.. argh.

And now, I'll start with the actsual blogging.

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