Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rawr Dance Rawr Tour - Best show EVERRR.

On Thursday, I ended up at what I can probly say was one of the best shows of my life. I ran from the disaster that is cheerleading to the go station after school and barly made my train that was going to make me late for the show anyways! I was really excited about this show becuase I was supposed to be going with my friend Sharon who was on the guestlist for designing the clothes for Family Force 5 but she was sick and had to cancel last minuet which SUCKED. Jess ended up going with me but she left really early making me a total loser. There was no way in hell I was going to miss this show though. It had Danger Radio, Ultra Violet Sound and Family Force 5 playing and they happen to be three of my favourite bands! Play Radio Play was also playing, I honestly hadn't listned to their stuff before but overall it was pretty good it just didn't seem to fit that well with the other bands energy.

Seeing Ultra Violet Sound live was totally amazing, there so great. Seeing Sarah on stage with so much confidence totally inspires me. I really hope one day I can play awsome shows like them. They are honestly just a band you have to see live in order to totally appriciate. I'm really pissed though becuase I missed some of their set because I had no friggen clue where the Mod Club was! Urgghahah!! I'm for sure going to see them when they come back though.
The coolest part of the night was actusally talking to them though! I talked to all the members of the band and they are honestly the sweetest people ever! Sarah is adoreable and deffinatly a huge inspiration to me. I was so shocked by how sweet and willing to talk to me they all were. You guys have to go to their next show in your area and stop by their myspace.
In extremly pathetic news, they even had to help me catch a cab to the subway *sigh*.
Loser points for Keely. Big time.

So Jess decided she had to leave when Family Force 5 started. I was considering going with her becuase how much of a loser would I be at a show alone? I managed however, to convince her to stay for one song. By the end of that song I KNEW I would rather get mugged on the way home then leave. Seeing them live in an actual venue was just, WOW. Seeing them isn't even like being at an amazing show its just a total different experience. I guess its a mix of the fact that, a. their music is just too damn "GET OFF YOUR ASS AND PARTY" b. the guys are so cool, they have the funniest personalities and c. I don't even know! There magical?
Anyways, being the loser I am I talked to them a bit after the show. I felt like such an idiot. They remebered me as Sharon's friend from warped tour which made me happy and then Soul Glow Activator said he checked out my myspace and thought my music was pretty cool? W.T.F. I honestly died, I'm still dead. I'm emberessed to shit! Their music is so cool.. and mines so lame and girly sounding and .. THEY HEARD IT. Just a bit dead over that.! To make things more emberessing I kinda passed out on the sidewalk when I was going home! This is exactly why you do not go to shows and jump up and down more then ANYBODY ELSE THERE after three hours of cheerleading and no sleep from the previous night!!

I'm terribly emberessed but hey, It was an amazing night. If Ultra Violet Sound and Family Force 5 think I'm a crazy lunatic stalker loner is the price I have to pay to see them live theres no way I can't pay it. They are just too damn good.

Anyways, I'm sick of sitting here waiting for producers to come to me. I'm gonna try doing everything I can on my own. At lunch of Friday I went to Jakub's and we started working on a cool beat for a song. I need to write to it and find a magical way to record vocals. I'm honestly terrified, but wish me luck guys!

Now check out these Video's of Ultra Violet Sound saying Hi to the blog!! Ahaha!
The guys telling me to shut up...

EDIT:: I'll post the rest of the links to videos of me with sarah and the dudes from FF5 tomorrow. Youtube's being beyond stupid and I'm already going to look like hell for tomorrows early photoshoot call!

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