Monday, October 13, 2008

Last night turned into another chaotic drama fest, everybody who had the ability to call me and make-up something dramatic seemed to. That sucked. So when I recived a phone call from my good friend and producer Scott, I felt a lot better. It really feels like out of all the people I know he's the one who can understand the way I think and the situations I'm in the best so its a nice feeling. Anyways, I got to rant to him about my current crazy life sitautions that he seemed to understand it all. Then, our random conversations led us to talking about Bring it On. The funny thing was how much this guy knows about this movie, we had a total conversation about all the characters in it and he knew almost every line. Bring it On seemed to play a huge part in his life too, his band had a CD called Cheerocracy with my former cheerleading coach who I totally miss on the cover. He said he'd make our team a cheer mix if he thinks he can do it and hello, how sick would that be! As a mental note, can somebody constantly start bugging me about how I need to pick a picture to use as one on Itunes so I can get my songs up?

I'm not as tired as I thought I would be today though so I'm kinda sketched out by that. I'm pretty stressed out about math class which I'm at risk of failing and a bunch of other stupid things. I really need to focus on who's joining the cheer squad as we need our final team by wednesday so we can get our damn uniforms and our bake sales that day too.
Anyways, I'll be sure to blog later

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