Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just another example of an idiot I liked when i was deperessed.

male (12:44:57 AM): yo
PrincessxAddict (12:45:11 AM): oh wow i havent talked to you in months
male (12:45:27 AM): yeh i know how u be girl
PrincessxAddict (12:45:34 AM): lmao okay hbu
male (12:45:43 AM): im ok allmost time!!!!
PrincessxAddict (12:45:51 AM): almost time for what
male (12:45:58 AM): the baby!!!
PrincessxAddict (12:46:03 AM): your having another baby
male (12:46:06 AM): yeh!
PrincessxAddict (12:46:13 AM): im soryr are you retarded?
male (12:46:17 AM): yah
male (12:46:19 AM): no
PrincessxAddict (12:46:55 AM): uh huh
male (12:47:00 AM): why
PrincessxAddict (12:47:46 AM): ohh man lmao
male (12:47:59 AM): dont hate
PrincessxAddict (12:48:13 AM): lmfao kay g-unit
male (12:48:32 AM): you still mad about the past?
PrincessxAddict (12:48:39 AM): not at all
male (12:48:55 AM): ok good cause that was ages ago

Good Lord.
Congradulations on getting two chicks knocked up at the age of eighteen! By the time hes 45 our popluation may be compareable to China!


KELSEEEY said...


I bet he had some sort of duck run in in his life


Miss Tiara Ashleigh said...

i love you lmao.