Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jakub + Guess = Death.

Yesterday, I went shopping with my friend Jakub after cheerleading practise (he had football). It was a lot of fun except he made me feel like crap becuase Jakub has a job at guess and I sadly, do not. (If only you didn't have to be 18 to work there!). The rain made my hair hagard and I looked like crap and I honestly think theres no where to look worse then the mall and a date. So when Jakub dragged me into guess I almost died. I found the hottest little black dress that I feel is my human need to possess. I've run out of dresses I haven't worn yet and theres nothing worse to me then rewearing dresses! BUT IT WAS HOTTTTTTT. There was also a few other things I really wanted, like a pretty terquoise top that I didn't think was worth 80$ and a cute white long sleeved button up. I'm also considereing a long sleeve sweater dress. I'm not perticularly someone who wears sweater dresses or long sleeves really though.. Oh wait, maybe I should go back to realizeing I CANT AFFORD ANY OF IT BECUASE I HAVE NO MONEY.
Jakub, I just want you to know if i kill myself, its becuase you rubbed in the "I HAVE 50% OFF HERE AND YOU DON'T FACT" wayy way wayyy too much.

My need to spend yesterday however took over in Sephora, not for myself this time though. It was for you, faithful readers. Somehow I spent 90$ on make-up to review for you (urgh, I only got two things though!). Which is stupid becuase I totally could have gotten my Little Black dress with that. ANYWAYS, I SPENT MY MONEY FOR YOU! SO CONTINUE TO READ BECUASE I'll have make-up reviews coming!

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