Monday, October 20, 2008

Harajuku lovers fragrances

I’m sure some of you are aware of my love for Gwen Stefani. She basically raised me through her music and she is essentially everything I aspire to be. I love her fashions lines and am guilty of snatching up anything she puts her name on because its always terribly cute. When I heard she was launching a Harajuku Lovers Fragrance line I was thrilled! Even more thrilled however to find out I would be chosen to try them out for you guys! Here's my thoughts on the scents!

Here is the kit of goodies I was thrilled to recieve. It included a harajuku lovers makeup bag, charm bracelet and friendship bag. I also received 30 sample size perfumes and cards to get 1500 bonus optimum points when purchasing from Shoppers Drug mart. For perfume, I recived one full size bottle of music and five tester samples of all the fragrances (picture below).

The charm bracelet is one of my favourite things, isn't it adoreable?

My full size music, which happens to also be my favourite sent! Yay!

The tester's I recived.

Canadian resedents can check out to snatch up one of these for themselves!

As for my take on the perfumes!!

Overall I really love them, their cute, playful and all really different. They also come in the cutest bottles that are nearly imposibly to resist. I'm not a perfume girl to be honest but for the days I feel like mixing it up these are really great.

G: Being Gwens number one fan and all, I totally wanted to love this scent. The funny thing was, I just wasnt as into it as the others! I mean it doesn't smell bad at all, its just not really my style. It is a pretty blend of coconut and jasmine possibly even vanilla. It has more of a musky fragrance to it compared to the others. I deffinatly do want to wear it at a beach party someday, this scent seems perfect for summer

Love: Being one of my favourite scents I was really upset that it spilled in the packaging! Just like its name however, its deffinatly a romantic scent I'd love to wear on a date. Its a bit bolder then a tradional romantic scent though, so its deffinatly worth trying out. It deffinatly smelled roses in there.

Angel: I'm not to sure about this scent, I really dont know how to describe it. It has a really strong hint of pineapple though, making it a really fun scent for days you want to be a bit more wild and unique. It makes me crave pineapples!

Music: Music was probably my favourite scent of them all, maybe its just becuase i got the full size though aha! I like it becuase its the easiest to smell, less over powering then some of the others. Deffinatly check music out, its my personal recomendation out of the five.

Baby: Baby is such a cute smell! It's a must for any cute outfit. It makes me want to throw on a mini skirt and my cute asain boots, throw my hair in buns and run around screaming in japanese. Another good thing about this scent is after awhile it starts to smell alot better then when you first apply it. It smells a bit like baby powder, which my teacher always used to say i smelt like for some reason but with roses and other sweet things.

Thank you so much matchstick for letting me try this out! I love these scents!

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