Monday, October 6, 2008


Oh stress, how I hate you.
I still haven't started that IMPOSIBLE essay that will probly end up failing me.
I'm so screwed in math its not even funny.
The cheerleading coaches didn't show up because apperntly one of their ex boyfriends tried to kill them. I have this bad feeling they've given up on our team.
On top of that my stomach is killing me!

But as for real craziness, Saturday was a CRAZY day. I was terribly upset all day, I went insane and took about four baths. By 10:00 I went so insane my friend Ian picked me up and brought me downtown because I had lost my shit and had to talk to SOMEBODY who was upset over me and drunk in a park. Not to mention it was Nuit Blanche and EVERYBODY was downtown. After I got that over with I went insane. I got home after 3 CRAZY phone calls from some random people and finally laid in bed. While laying there I was trying to calm down thinking of how crazy my night was. I forgot to mention, I wore my faux- leather leggings with boots and black coat with huge, huge curly hair . I changed into a damn shirt for Ians marketing company that I'm helping out with. (Ahahaha I love having cool jobs.) I got SO many stares it was AMAZING. Guys with wives were looking at me and even girls were checking me out left, right and center. Ian was pleased I was gathering his company so much attension needless to say ahaha! So as I laid in bed trying to gain my sanity back I recived a frantic phone call from Sarah. She had talked to asshole and he wanted to talk to me. I am talking about THE asshole. The one who I've been ranting about since I started this damn blog! Hell, he's basically the reason I got so into blogging! So I ended up on msn at three in the morning, crying for what was probly the seventh time that day.

I've been crying every couple of hours everyday, I really can't make sense of this situation and I don't know what I'm going to do. Honestly, I don't think I've ever been this scared. Thankfully I have Marie, Jess and Diana to help me out here.. but still. I gotta get through this I guess...
What drama.
I really don't need school stress right now.

Here's a video of Ian and my crazy self discussing life lessons and Ian's new marketing company on our car ride home.
Riveting stuff, really.

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